NetStat GUI for SWE3

This mod provides a separate page for netstat output in the Smoothwall Express 3.0 Admin GUI. You can display all connections or only ESTABLISHED connections via a checkbox at the top of the page. The code for this mod was discussed and distributed here by DaveTheAve as an addition to the Advanced Status page.

NetStat GUI for SWE3 Screenshot

NetStat GUI for SWE3 screenshot
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Unless you really don't like the connview mod, I'd suggest using it instead of this mod. It is being provided only because I made it before the connview mod was released for SWE3.

Warning: This modification requires editing two different files on your system. This guide assumes you are comfortable editing files on your smoothie.


SCP the netstatgui.tgz tarbell into /tmp on your Smoothwall, and untar using
tar -zxvf /tmp/netstatgui.tgz -C /

Edit /usr/lib/smoothwall/langs/ and immediately after the line containing
'advstatus.cgi' => 'Pertinent information about your Smoothie, current configuration and resource usage.',
insert a line containing the following:
'netstat.cgi' => 'View netstat active Internet connections.',

Edit /usr/lib/smoothwall/langs/, and before the line containing the final:
insert a new block of code containing:
# netstat.cgi
'ssnetstat' => 'netstat',
'established only' => 'Established Only',
'netstat' => 'Netstat',

Viewing Connections:

Log into the Smoothwall Express 3.0 Admin GUI, and navigate to the "About" menu item, and then to the "netstat" menu item to view active connections.

To view only ESTABLISHED connections, check the box marked "Established Only", and then click "Update".