pop3log.dat ChangeLog for SWE3

Since I have a ton of email coming through my POP3 proxy and I only have a few viruses, I wanted a way to show only virus hits on the email log page. This mod will put a checkbox, titled "Only Show Virus Hits" (ok, so it wasn't a very creative day), on your email log page. Just check the box, click 'Update', and you'll only get virus hits for the selected day in the logs.

I haven't actually written out the ChangeLog for this mod yet, but if you want the modded .dat file, here it is.

You should be able to simply drop the file into your smoothie at /httpd/cgi-bin/logs.cgi/ and then change the permissions so it accessible from the web gui.

• it is a good idea to backup your pop3log.dat file before replacing in case of any incompatibilities •
Backup pop3log.dat:
cp /httpd/cgi-bin/logs.cgi/pop3log.dat /httpd/cgi-bin/logs.cgi/pop3log.dat.bak
Copy the downloaded pop3log.dat to your smoothwall at /httpd/cgi-bin/logs.cgi/ using WinSCP or similar.
Set pop3log.dat permissions:
chmod 755 /http/cgi-bin/logs.cgi/pop3log.dat